Recharging the We-Vibe

Shamus asked:

I have a We Vibe 2 and  do not know how to recharge it. Can you please give me instructions on how to recharge it? Thanks.

Advice Grrl answered:

Hi Shamus,

The We Vibe 2 is a bit sneaky – the charger hole is actually covered over (keeping the toy water-resistant) and needs to be pierced by the end of the plug.    You can find the charging port ‘dimple’ just below the push button bump on the nose of the We-Vibe 2. Insert the charger pin straight into the dimple, and press the pin gently with a slight twist until it is fully inserted and you hear a click.

Make sure that you don’t use your We-Vibe while it’s plugged into the charger – and always keep your charger away from water!

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