Sex without an emotional connection

A bit lost asks  I love sex. It’s fantastic and I have an active sex life. However, it gets a bit weird for me when there are emotions involved. So much so that I prefer sex more As a booty call or a one nighter. I’m starting to see this as a problem “Alcoholics have AA meetings” Do you know of anything in Melbourne That could help me, like a group class or specialised one on one therapist? Your suggestions or thoughts would be appreciated because it’s time for me to grow up and fight my left over demons. 

D.vice Missy answers: 

If you feel like you are looking for more of an emotional connection than you’re getting from your current sex life and think  you may have an issue, then I would recommend seeking some professional advice, a sex therapist or a relationship counsellor may well be able to provide you with some insights into what is holding you back. Our personal relationships are often influenced by life experiences that can affect our ability to trust or commit to another person.

Not all people are suited to long term relationships and there is nothing wrong with having casual sexual relationships, unless it is not satisfying you.

Janet Hall is a sex therapist with a good reputation
I am sure her clinic will be able to recommend a suitable therapist if they are unable to help.

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